Secretarial Speech

             I, Abdul Aziz Shaikh thought that our rural area has need an Educational  
Institution where the pupil will learn from top to bottom. So, we the seven have  
created such like that institution named "NewLogic",A Skill Development Training Provider.  
Natural beauty is one of the most valuable features of this institution.

             The aims and objectives of this academy are to improve the mental ability  
which is needed to acquire knowledge of every aspects. We the seven are united by  
the Almighty. We think our academy will be glorified by the pupil's activities which are  
one of the most useful weapons to build up moral character.

             Our academy has its charming environmental surroundings. Special feature of  
this academy are such as:-

    Experienced Trained Teachers.
    Natural Beauty.
    Modern Technology.
    Discipline and behavioral aspects.
    Limited seating plan for every class.
    Vehicles availibility.
    To build up huminity.

                                                 Finally, in the name of the Almighty our academy will  
be developed through the students mental improvement which help the acquire  
knowledge of every running aspects.

                        No doubt, we assured to the pupil's guardian that they can admit their  
offsprings in our trustable Institutions.

                                     Thank You.
Mr. Abdul Aziz Shaikh
Vill:-Amitya, P.O. : Benipur,  P.S. : Kandi
Dist. : Murshidabad,  PIN : 742140
Contact:  7001091964
A Creation of the Almighty
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